35 years ago the Small Animal Advocates (“SAA”) was born.  It was the dream of a woman who wanted to help animals get proper vet care and help control stray populations in her area.  In late 2014 the SAA needed to dissolve and in April 2015 Second Chance Animal Advocates was born.  My name is Kari Aagerup and I founded Second Chance Animal Advocates because of the years of service the SAA had done for the local area (Stoughton, WI).  I used to volunteer with SAA for many years and found it fun, inspiring and heartwarming.  I love animals, I love all animals (yes even spiders but don’t ask me to pet one!). 

I found myself feeling very sad and disheartened when I heard that the SAA had to dissolve.  The founders were having some medical issues and were not longer able to keep up the never ending demands of a non-profit.  They had done a fabulous job for over 35 years and I just couldn’t let that need go unanswered.

So I got right to work.  I applied for a 501(c)3 non-profit status and as soon as I received the acceptance letter in the mail I REALLY got to work.  I enlisted several trusted friends, family and people who used to volunteer like I did with SAA in the past.  We used known fund-raisers that we knew to be successful in the past and built on that foundation.  We did this for 2 seasons and then I felt ready to aim for the next level.

For a while I had wanted to own a thrift store that would give its profits to help animals.  I knew it could work!  I had been looking for an affordable space to rent for a long time.  So while working 2 jobs and organizing fund raisers for the non-profit, I finally found the perfect place.  It is small and not on the busiest side of town BUT. . .  we are still right on Hwy 51, the rent is affordable and we pack a big punch in our petite, cozy space!  We named it SCAA Resale, the thrift store with a heart.  September 13, 2016 it opened!   

There have been 2 building owners since the opening and both have been more than supportive.  They have helped along the way with donations, attending fund raisers and providing helpful advice when needed.  I have had multiple volunteers selflessly giving of their time and energy that have helped to make this possible. 

Since the non-profit began we have helped 183 animals get medical attention amounting to $11,977.82

All in all – we are on our way to greatness!